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                    All of this shows me yet again how wonderful, how astounding, and how incredibly powerful our real world is.  These deep wells of spirituality don’t need any supernatural belief, no otherworldly woo.  It’s all right here, all stunning, and all (most of all) undeniably *real*.  

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                    Godless Paganism: Voices of Non-Theistic Pagans will be the first ever anthology of writing by and about non-theistic Pagans. The goal of the anthology is to educate others in the Pagan community about both the diversity and the depth of non-theistic Pagan practice.

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                    If there is one thing about my own spiritual calling that is the most inspiring to me, it’s that moment when someone goes deep and awakens. When we are singing together in a ritual and I see them crack open, I see them connect to that something larger, touch their fingertips to that mystery they are seeking.

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                    What is required is another way of knowing, a Sacred Ecology that moves beyond the cerebral to bring us to a direct experience of a wholeness rooted in the body.

                  • 猎豹加速器官网-猎豹vqn下载-猎豹加速器签到1小时-猎豹加速器官网

                    When we think of the gods of nature, we almost always anthropomorphize them. But what of nature deities that have never, and will never, take human form? Who are the gods of the salmon and the slime molds, of pine trees and fig wasps?

                  • 猎豹加速器官网-猎豹vqn下载-猎豹加速器签到1小时-猎豹加速器官网

                    In my place-based, Naturalistic Paganism, I relate most often to nature powers. Humans around the world share the old, great powers: the abundance of the Earth, the strength and direction of the Wind, the Sun’s relentless fire. Other powers are younger and local: the bluebonnets that push up through the soil each spring, Central Texas’s many limestone creeks and springs, and even the water that flows through the tap of my own kitchen sink. I am always in relationship with these powers, whether I will it or not. My goal as a Pagan is to cultivate mindful relationships with these nature powers. I do not believe that the springs in any sense needed or wanted my offering, but I was different for having made it.

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                    Atheopaganism provides the fulfillment benefits of a traditional religion, yet is rooted in what is true and open to learning, change, and constant reconsideration of itself. While it does not make promises of eternal existence, a cosmically-determined plan or magical powers, it also does not ask us to sacrifice the unique and marvelous capacities of our cognitive minds in the name of living with a pretty story.

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                  • “A Naturalistic Credo” by Jon Cleland Host

                    Evolution gives my life incredible meaning and purpose. I marvel at my family tree, which goes back though innumerable life forms, through amazing stories of survival, hope, courage, and parental love. It includes the tiny mammal, surviving through the freezing, yearlong darkness after the asteroid impact by eating, and likely hiding in, a frozen dinosaur carcass. It includes the first mother to produce milk, and the first blurry view through a newly evolved eye. I’ve grown from a long line of survivors — noble creatures of every sort, who conquered deadly challenges billions of times over. What other origin could possibly give my life more meaning?

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                    Yes, Virginia, I’m a Pagan Atheist, by Jeffrey Flagg

                    All of this is to say that I find the question of the gods being “real,” and indeed discussions of their ontological nature in general, somewhat silly. It doesn’t matter if they’re “real” if they’re meaningful. So, yes, I am an atheist because I don’t believe in the existence of a deity. I’m also, however, a Pagan, because I have a personal relationship to the same things that Pagans have relationships to. Once you get past the word games of ontology, being an atheist Pagan isn’t so silly after all.

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                    I don’t take many leaps of faith intellectually, everything is based in reason. In this way I am a naturalistic Pagan. Where I do take those leaps of faith is in the emotional sphere. By engaging in this spiritual practice, I open myself up to experiencing things beyond the mundane. In many ways, it is in exercise in allowing myself to feel without judgement. My spirituality is my way of allowing my pantheism a space in my life.

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                  Religious Humanism

                  Humanistic Paganism is a form of Religious or Spiritual Humanism. Religious Humanism includes any religion that takes a human-centered ethical perspective, as contrasted with a deity-centered ethical perspective. A humanistic ethic is one that begins with human beings and defines the good…

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                  Contemporary Paganism is a general term for a variety of related religious movements which began in the United States in the 1960′s, with literary roots going back to the mid-19th century Europe, as attempts to revive what their founders thought were the…


                  Religious Naturalism

                  “Humanistic Paganism” has come to be used more or less synonymously with “Naturalistic Paganism.” Naturalistic Paganism is a form of Religious or Spiritual Naturalism. A “naturalistic” religion or spirituality is one which seeks to explain the universe without resort to supernatural…


                  Latest Posts

                  Get Ready for a Great Perseid Meteor Shower this Year! August 11-14, by Starstuff, Contemplating

                  If you have clear skies Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night, consider celebrating as my family does – by seeing these wonders, just as our Ancestors have seen them for many thousands of years.  Do you have a chance to share this sacred moment with a child?


                  Celebrations Heat! Productivity! Success! Growing Darkness!  These and many other themes join with the baking of bread and early harvest celebrations of Lunasa.  What could better exemplify heat and productivity than the casting of molten metal into Atheopagan medallions?  Check…

                  The Summer Cross-Quarter (Summer Thermstice) Approaches!

                   Lammas thus celebrates the heat of the summer, and with it, productivity and the early harvest – as well as the returning darkness.  Those in the Southern Hemisphere celebrate Imbolc at this time.

                  • Why do ritual?
                  • Religion without deity?
                  • Something bigger than ourselves?

                  Why do ritual?

                  光头院长公众号,光头院长微信公众号,光头院长,每天分享优质 ...:2021-2-29 · 微信公众号光头院长的每日消息、历史消息,每天分享优质小火箭节点,苹果精品软件,安卓精品软件,电脑精品软件,各种黑科技软件,尽在光头院长 备用公众号:光头老爷 有不懂的可添加微 …

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                  Religion without deity?

                  Humanistic Pagans may be atheists, pantheists, or even animists. Not all Humanistic Pagans use theistic language, but some do. The use of “god language” by non-theists can be confusing. Some feel that we should “say what we mean” and avoid…

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                  Something bigger than ourselves?

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